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Join us to construct a network of support  for families and young people through two-generation and strength-based strategies


Our work is based on protective factors that help to keep all families strong.  Enrich Families is continually co-creating ways to better communities through a collaborative approach to address system change, and drive innovation.  A Regional Strengthening Families and Communities initiative was launched in 2018 to embed the protective factors to improve the well being of families and young adults in Western KY.  

Training and technical assistance is offered by Enrich Families, Lotus, and members of the Regional Strengthening Families and Communities TTA team.  Please complete this form, and you will be contacted by someone from the TTA team.


The Strengthening Families™ and Youth Thrive™ frameworks were developed by the Center for the Study of Social Policy. Kentucky is a member of the National Network.  KYSF has a wealth of resources to start this initiative in your community.  

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About Us


Making Families Strong

We offer Parent Cafe experiences throughout the community to directly engage parents in building the protective factors needed to promote healthy outcomes for their children.   The  protective factors are parental resilience, social connections, knowledge of parenting and child development, concrete support in times of need, social and emotional competence of children, and nurturing and attachment. 

As a Kentucky Strengthening Families partner, Enrich Families recognizes the values, expertise, and role of parents as children's primary caregiver. KYSF recognizes Enrich Families as the first Regional Cafe Collective to gather data, identify gaps in services, and streamline resources in Western KY.


Early Learning Community

As an Early Learning Community, we are partnering with local leaders to align efforts toward clear results for young children.  These are our goals that will not just benefit children and their families, but the community as a whole.  The Early Learning Community is a work group on the Regional SF team which meets quarterly, and is listed on the website calendar.

  • Community members support and understand the importance of early childhood.
  • Families and parents are actively engaged as partners by providers.
  • Residents feel a sense of belonging and hope within neighborhoods and connection to the broader community.


Reaching Young People

We now have cards available for purchase to promote protective factors that lead to better development and well-being for ALL youth and young adults.   

The “Talk” box was made to help start those important “Face to face” conversations by helping you ask questions that give perspective on life, how you got there, and how to move forward. Life can be very difficult sometimes, so we stuck some serious questions in a not so serious package. "Talk" is a peer to peer platform that has 250 questions to help you and your peers realize, navigate and overcome obstacles in life together.  KYSF has information on Youth Cafes in the Family Thrive Action Guide.  Our local pilot initiative for young adults is known as REAL TALK.

 The “Shift” deck was created to question and shed light on the decisions we make, why we make them and how to make better ones in the future. The 250 questions in this peer to peer deck are intended to help shift life's trajectory. By asking each other meaningful questions you can help each other find clarity, perspective and positive direction.  



Western KY Cafe Collective

Hosting Events

Parent Cafes and Real Talk are carefully designed, structured discussions that use principles of adult\youth learning and family support.  They are highly sustainable with training reinforcement, institutional support, and a commitment to an approach that engages and affirms parents\youth as leaders.  Participants leave Parent Cafes\Real Talks feeling inspired, energized and excited to put into practice what they've learned.  

We are currently offering Parent Cafe Sponsorships to communities in the Purchase Area.  The application for sponsorship is  on this site under the section Implementing a Strengths Based and Trauma Informed Approach as the last PDF listed.

Cafés\Real Talks are built on the KYSF Protective Factors, facilitated with fidelity to the World Café model, and seek to engage participants in meaningful conversations about what matters most--their families and how to strengthen those families by building protective factors.   KYSF Cafés are part of an overall approach for engagement with a commitment to strengths-based participation with recognition and affirmation of participant leadership roles in their families and in their communities.  Kentucky Strengthening Families endorses the Café Collective as a collaborative pilot in Western Kentucky.

Getting Started

In order to facilitate a Parent Cafe\Real Talk you must complete the Cafe\Real Talk Facilitator training.  A Parent Cafe team needs a facilitator, and 3-6 trained table hosts.  Once a facilitator has been trained they will have the resources needed to develop a Cafe\Real Talk team.  Additional support is also available from the Regional Strengthening Families and Communities team.  Cafe facilitator trainings are offered quarterly, and are listed on the website calendar.

Data Entry for the Cafe Collective

If you are already a member of the Cafe Collective, use the button below to enter your information after each Parent Cafe\Real Talk. 

Cafe\Real Talk data collection tool

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